Day 10: Gratitude Cards

10 Experiences

I believe deeply that all the good things our world has to offer are yours to enjoy.  But you can enjoy them truly only when you can acknowledge them as affirmations of the truth that you are the Beloved of God.  That truth will set you free to receive the beauty of nature and culture in gratitude, as a sign of your Belovedness.  Nouwen, Life of the Beloved.


The truth that you have felt in your gut, recited in your mind and spoken with your mouth will Set You Free.  In gratitude for your experience with Life of the Beloved, I would love for you to carry gratitude cards with you wherever you go.  Below are two options, but you can always make your own using your special words.

These cards will keep you in tune with the spirit as you daily ask yourself, “who do I feel God is calling me to give this card to today?”  A daily practice of giving a gratitude card reminds you of the gift that you offer the world.  They also remind you to truly see the light in other people.  You are The Beloved and they are The Beloved.

In our blessing and in our brokenness, we all are the beautiful Beloved.

May we live this message.

As always, write to me about your experience.  I love to hear your stories!

Specifically Christian with Sacred Text:

Not Specifically Christian: gratitude cards&ref=sr_gallery-1-4

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