We are all Connected


I shared this message in my yoga classes during the month of January and ending the week of Valentine’s Day.   This writing summarizes my findings.  Enjoy!

We gather in this space/ seeking pleasant smiles on each face.  We settle into our skin/ aware of the sacredness within.  The moment of introspection/ where wonder meets curiosity of physical, mental and emotional connection.  Secrets hidden appear/ wrapped in flesh, flesh to flesh, eye to eye, God’s creation a story of love sincere.

Sweet Mother Earth who cradles us in her arms/ shows us in her body the full bounty gleaned from our farms.  We sink our toes into her flesh/ and smell the floral aroma of her lovely scent.  The foundation of all life/ so rich an offering, God’s love  in her smile of delight.

Fireflies that dance in the night with their blinking lights/ become one as they connect life to life twinkling transformed into one bright light.  A dog’s heartbeat changes to the rhythm of it’s owner/ when reunited after time being lonely loners.  A connection so deep/ felt with each beat, beat, beat.  The forward motion of heart to heart, God’s creation a story of love and devotion.

A loving gaze from mommy to baby/ mysteriously Divine their hearts entwine.  Choir members singing tend to breathe in and out in unison, like students of yoga whose breath connects to their body in a sacred bond.

We see all creation with uniquenesses to surprise, but the greatest surprise lies in life’s abundant connections.  Our affections/ for creation play a significant role.  Sending our loving energy out to the soil, insects, animals and your human family feels good deep in the soul.  For we know we are one, but we live like we are two.  Let us draw from the ancient wisdom/  gratefully and humbly giving back what is due.





One response to “We are all Connected”

  1. It is true we all are connected because there is duality only in the outer visible world but at the level of inner being everything is only ONE….


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