Root to Bloom

compassionate listening experience

You are invited to gather in a small group at The Mattingly Home to explore Compassionate Listening practices that ground you in love so that you bloom offering the world the fullest expression of Beautiful YOU.
Each time we meet, I will offer 1 hour of basic yoga followed by 1 hour of Compassionate Listening Guided experiences.

$20 per Sunday Session=$80 total
40% of the proceeds to go Voices Awake

Voices Awake is a non-profit organization empowering Malawian girls to tackle poverty and inequality by supporting them to go to school, succeed and step up as leaders of change.

April 15-May 6 2018 (4 Sundays) 5-7pm
The Mattingly Home
please email me for directions

Session One: Compassion for Self.
April 15. 5-7pm
Session Two: Preparing to Listen to Others.
April 22 5-7pm
Session Three: Compassionate Listening for Others
April 29 5-7pm
Session Four: Wisdom Circle Experience

*engage in practices that help you tune into the wisdom of your body
*explore practices to help you stay centered even in difficult conversations
*begin to open your mind & body to hear the heart of the matter when another person is speaking
*practice the art of Compassionate conversation through the flow of speaking, pausing, listening, pausing. . .

Kingwood & Houston friends:  DO NOT LET THE TIME FRAME OFFERED PROHIBIT YOU. Post here if you need a 2 day experience or back to back days or a weekend experience!!! We can work together to make it happen.

Great early Mother’s Day Gift! Excellent for partners at work and partners in life, siblings, parents & children. We all seek better connections with the people around us!




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