Faithful following is not Anti- Religious

My prayer for Christians everywhere today is that you feel the freedom and power to turn the sermon into a conversation. Let the words your minister speaks pass through three gates: head (experience of life and knowledge), the heart (feelings), and the gut (instincts). Write down the ideas that are spoken that affirm the Good News for you today and write down the words that provoke a question mark. This is not anti-religious this is faithful following in the ways of Jesus. For I will tell you honestly as a minister that I have looked back on sermons preached a month ago, a year ago or 5 years ago and 🤦🏼‍♀️ grimace at my lack of wisdom and thanked God and God’s people for their love & patience. Ministers evolve, grow and life experiences change us and our message. Now, then, take your affirmations and questions and use that energy not to critique but to research, read, investigate with an open heart both people who agree with you and those that don’t agree with you. Next is time for contemplation. Let all the gained knowledge sit with you for awhile so that you can absorb and summarize your understanding. Lastly, our conversation, investigation and contemplation must lead to action in your life. As Brian McLaren and Richard Rohr agree that our beliefs mean very little unless they inform our practice. Happy Sabbath!

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