The Light by which We See


For weeks, my thoughts have circled around what I want to say at the end of my yoga classes. Typically, I end class by saying, “the light in me notices, observes and appreciates the light in each one of you.” This saying is a reminder that each one of us has a light within, that the light isn’t anything we have to strive for, and that even if you are not aware of your light, I see your light.

But lately, I have wondered if I should change my statement because I have been thinking about the point of a light. You see, the point of a light is not to stare at the light, but it is to help illuminate the things we cannot see. When I am more connected to my light, I am not consumed by adoration for my own light because I am profoundly moved by how the light changes what I see.

The beauty of each of us shinning our light is that when your light shines, you illuminate things that I cannot see. Your light makes me aware of my own limited viewpoint and the need for humility and flexibility in how I see.

Father Richard Rohr speaks to the heart of the matter saying, “Light is not so much what you directly see as that by which you see everything else.” As one who follows The Way of Jesus, I recognize that the point is not to worship The Light as much as it is to follow the path that his light illuminated. Jesus never asked us to worship him, but he did say, ” Come follow me.”

In his words, I hear, “Come see by my light.” And then he trusted us enough to say, “Each of you are the light of the world!”

Go and be who you are—you are the light of the world!

Don’t believe it? Need a way to become more aware of your light? Feel that your light is buried under years of stress, abuse, disconnection, and intentional building of armor for protection? Come join us at The Yoga Sanctuary.

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