Embody Love


Yoga Sanctuary is a sacred community gathered to embody love as the way, compassion as the truth & freedom to live life to the fullest.

Embodying love as The Way means recognizing that the feeling of love in our bodies transforms the way we see things.  Think about when you first fell in love. This person who you loved lit a fire in your belly. You might have felt butterflies in your stomach, a flood of warmth, and a softening of your defenses. Your love for this person made the world seem brighter, put a hopeful skip in your step, and your colleagues might have commented on a difference in the way you approached life. Love transforms the way you see things when you have a baby or adopt a child. You might have felt the desire to nurture, protect, and celebrate every moment of this child’s development. As they grow, you begin to see life experiences through their eyes. The child’s delight at swinging on a swing or tasting cake for the first time fills your body with joy.

Love lights our Way. It is the emotion that fills our body and opens our eyes to see things differently. Father Richard Rohr says that a practice that he engages in daily is taking time to be present so that he falls in love with one thing each day.

Come explore how Love can be your guide at The Yoga Sanctuary beginning October 20, 2019 at 10am. Hosted by OMZ Yoga at 1683 NorthPark, 2nd floor above CrossFit. Register at omzyoga.com with a donation of $10-$20.

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