A Wish

Day 36 of 100 days of Writing &

My 6 year old daughter busied herself in the back of the car creating and learning on her leap pad.  We were on a long trip driving home from seeing family so she had many hours to enjoy creating her own art, writing stories and playing games.  She would also take the funniest pictures of me talking or of herself making silly faces.  After our trip, she invited me to sit with her and see all the magical things she created.  As we sat together enjoying her creations, I came to this one simple piece of art that took my breath away.  The background was white and the letters black (typically she is like her mom who overwhelms with too much sparkle and color!!!), but the statement spoke volumes about my little girl.  “I am going to be me.”

I asked her what that meant to her and she said simply that this was her great wish.

Today, I wish the same for her, myself and all people everywhere.

May you be the fullest expression of your amazing self today.


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