Experiment Often

experiment often adjust when necessary


We experiment with ideas in my family. I will come up with a crazy plan for enhancing our health, doing chores, studying a subject of interest, boycotting Christmas presents in favor of going on a trip or meditating everyday together for 1 year. I am notorious for my enthusiasm for whatever I am into at the time😊. In my Yoga Teacher Training, we are about to begin a 21-day Quantum Wellness Cleanse. This cleanse asks that I take 21 days off from gluten (easy…done!), alcohol (already a part of the YTT program, so done!), sugar, meat and caffeine (NO!!!). So, I thought my whole family should join me…that will be fun, right?!
Day One: I made fat bombs out of chocolate, coconut milk, coconut oil and mint to have a small treat ready at the end of each of the 21 days. I had to confess to my husband that on day one, I had already consumed 4 fat bombs. He looked at me with his silly grin and said, “You are a pillar of strength!” Ha! I laughed so hard. Then, we had our first vegan dinner. We are not giving up meat for 21 days, but we are interested in trying vegan meals and picking days where we don’t eat meat. We enjoyed our first vegan meal and I thought we successfully integrated a new idea into our home life. Then, a few hours later, Chad went for a bowl of ice cream. I was hungry, but I went to sleep without any problem. The funniest thing happened the next morning when my son came out of his room, looked at me and said, “I am so hungry that I could eat you!”
My family goes along with all these things because they know that we are just experimenting. They are not afraid or mad because they know that the experiment only lasts for a set amount of time and then we talk about how we all feel when it’s over OR we get into an experiment and see that we need to make adjustments to make the experiment work for us.
Experiment is just another word to use instead of change or challenge. Too many people fear change and once that word leaves your mouth, they don’t hear anything else you have to say. I like the word challenge, because I am always ready to embrace something new or different. For some people, the word challenge deflates them from the beginning because the word sets up a win or lose scenario and they are already tired so why even bother trying at all.
I like the word experiment. It is less threatening, more engaging and sets up the idea that adjustments can be made as necessary. There are no winners or losers in an experiment because the experiment proved something whether it did what you thought it might do or not. Experiments are good for you! They keep you young. They keep you interesting and interested in life. They are good for your brain because you learn something new.

I love experimenting with spiritual practices. I am always interested to see what practices bring me joy and become a part of my life and which ones end up being just good experiments.
What “experiment” are you engaged in right now?
In what area of life do you need to do a little more experimenting?

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