Cut the Tie

Cutting the Ties that Bind

Let’s be honest.  I struggle holding on to past disagreements, past conversations and past experiences.  I perseverate on the experience reliving the moment without resolution.  I don’t immediately recognize my feelings connected to the events, but pain in my hips alerts me to their presence. During a session with my Spiritual Renegade coach, we identified a belief I held about myself that stemmed from an experience I had as a young girl.  My coach spoke into the situation and I immediately felt tension in my left hip release.

I wondered if I could continue this experience during my personal time of holding sacred space.  Yesterday, I tried.  I thought of a conversation that I had recently that I kept playing over and over in my head.  Instead of allowing the thoughts to continue, I pictured a red tie between me and the person as we were talking.  We were each holding an end of the ribbon.  I used my mind as the cutting tool and began to cut the tie.  The tie was strong, so it was more like working with a mental saw or a less than sharp scissor.

I cut the tie that bound me to that experience.  If I thought about the conversation, I pictured the cut tie and it no longer had power over me.  My hips feel more free than they have in years!  In yoga today, I moved into a pose and found I had the freedom to move deeper.  Freedom impacts our entire being.

What ties do you need to cut?

What practice do you have that helps cut the ties that bind?


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